RHS Tatton Park, Cheshire. 

We, as gardeners have sat & watched the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, from Cheshire. We have never thought that we would be in later years being chosen to exhibit a flower bed at such a high quality flower show.
When we won a place in the show to exhibit a 7m x 4m flower bed, we were delighted & it being our first time at a national flower show we wanted to show that Aberdeen even though we have a shorter, cooler growing season that we would put our heart & soul into the design. Aberdeen has a very highly prized track record of being able to show our fair city at its very best when in full bloom, we want to try & help by representing not just Bucksburn but Aberdeen too.

Being part of a national flower show was a bit frightening for us to say the least, as never having entered one before, but from all the staff & other fellow exhibitors they all made you feel very welcome. there is a family at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, it is the family of the show, where everyone helps everyone
 In 2009 it was our 1st year, & when we arrived at the show ground it is very grand with everyone having there job & everything is working towards the greatest flower show in the north. From all of the RHS Staff right down to the car parking staff the friendship that is there last with you long after the show has finished. When I say it's frightening, this is said in the kindest of words, as you come upon the scale of the show ground, we had an idea that it was going to be big but you see it for the first time & that too stays with you, it is one of the most wonderful sights that you could ever wish to see.

We are only a small cog in the large engine of the flower show & as they say all the cog's go to make the engine work. & when you have finished your design & stand back you get the feel of the show, as everyone too has there design finished, it is then that it hits you, wow you are part of one of the greatest flower shows that is around.
Everything in the show is gleaming brightly, the flowers & design gardens all looks just fanstatic, the the gates open & all the visitors come in, then you hear all their comments, at this point it makes you feel that you have achieved what you set out to do, & that is your very best
Over the days that the show is open to the public you meet all different kinds of people & it gives such a glow when they come & ask you about you flower bed.
By the end of the show on the Sunday you are still amazed about the show, the high level of friends that you make is unreal. Then comes the time, all to soon, to leave the show for another year, you say your good byes to all the fellow gardeners & you head for home.

You are then part of the biggest family around, you are the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show Family. When we got home we was filled with sheer joy & delight, because you had taken part in one of the greatest flower show in the UK.

If you have never been to the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, you are missing out on seeing not only great designs that take a lot of hard work But you are missing out on seeing one of the greatest Flower Shows in this country, why watch the show on your TV, come along & see all the wonderful sights, pick up some wonderful plants as well as getting ideas for you to take away with you. Come along & see the Flower Show in all its glory.

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