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2 RHS Bronze Medals, 1 RHS Merit, 15 Awards between Beautiful Scotland & Aberdeen in Bloom, yet council destroy our work when we have written permission.

Over 6 years of our In Bloom Group & 3 RHS Flower Shows & counctless awards for our work, not to mention saving the council money, as a council offical stated to our group only a few months ago. Yet a council Dept are destroying our work & threatening In Bloom workers with arrest if we try to protect what is on our remit & not on the councils books.

They are quite happy to throw away council monies by destroying our work & the funding given to us by local business's to improve our area.

we are recognisted by the RHS in London, Beautiful Scotland & on the said council's own web-site, & more importantly onthere libraries "Selection of the Month". we have even been commended for our work & effort by a former Lord Provost.

but because of the lies told by Carol Fraser (ex-voluteer) & another tenant & being belived by the council dept, we are being threatened by said council, "if we try to protect what is on our remit, we will be arrested", as told by said council Dept.

it's bad enough having vandals destory/deface our efforts, without authorized vandals/threats from this council dept, when the officer has not got these area's on the council books, & we have been told "he does not recognise the drying green set up in this area.

it defies believe that we can & are promoting Aberdeen/Bucksburn yet have to suffer all of this because of 2 people's lies & a council Dept that destorys our work & funding & slanders us into the bargin.

sometimes it makes you wonder if making our area look better & help to do things in our area is worth it at all.

We think that this dept & the 2 people that are lying to the council should open their eyes & in respect of the council dept they should/could spend their time better employed in matters that are effecting the council & wasting council money rather than hounding Groups & treatening arrest for people trying to do things.

We think this dept needs to wake up & stop threatening groups with arrest just for protecting what they have council permission & in writting for.

On a lighter note!!

we was awarded our 2nd RHS Bronze medal this year at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show & we are in the proccess of designing next year's flower bed, or that should be Flour-Bed based on Chalmer's Bakery Van, & Chalmers Bakery. we will have the design on our website very soon along with an up date of photo's from this year's show.

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