Events For 2011

A Date for your diary!!

Grand Tree Planting Event, Saturday 26th March 2011 & Sunday 27th March 2011.

we are planting young trees thoughout Bucksburn in the hope that in years to come there will be a good variety of trees for future generations.

This is a UK-Wide event that is happening with the help of the RHS Britian in Bloom.

we are supporting the RHS Britain in Bloom & the Woodland Trust, in conjunction with the United Nation's 2011 International Year of the Forest's.

there are 4 varities of trees that we will be planting, they are as follows;
Year-round colour- giviing you beautiful views in every season, they will include, field maple, hawthorn, hazel, birch, rowan, cherry & dogwood.
Wood Fuel- Keep the log fires burning, they will include, ash, birch,cherry oak & rowan.
Wild Food- Grow a wild harvest, they will include, hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, elder & dog rose.
Wildlife- Provide new homes for our native wildlife, they will include, hawthorn, hazel, birch, rowan, oak & blackthorn.

We will be having a Special Planting Start, to start our event off.

We are hoping by this event we will be able to start our gardening year off well but more importantly help to raise awareness of sustainable management, conservation & sustainable development of all types of forest's

We are all aware of the value of trees in our community & how they help not just to brighten up the neighbourhood that we all live in, but also help the wildlife around Bucksburn. the trees that we will be planting are all native species, so they we hope will in future years make a  not only welcome food & homes for our wildlife but also help to improve our area.

Look out for the poster's around Bucksburn for full details.

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